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Abimbola Oyefeso

Masters Ville School, School Head

The timely intervention of Multifocal Limited was a huge save to a recent situation in our organization that would have degenerated into a crisis. 
They displayed wealth of knowledge, skill and experience.  Objective feedback which included areas of improvement on the part of management and staff was presented and followed up to see them effected.  Multifocal Limited displayed professionalism and great acumen of their field of specialization.  The management and its team are ready and well equipped to help achieve success in organizations. 
They are HR Masters.

Arinze Adigwe

World 'N' Traveland Limited, Head - Customer Service

The survey conducted by Multifocal Limited surpassed our expectation of the exercise.
Professional recommendation for areas of improvement based on the survey was received. The objective of the survey was achieved. 
 Overall, the survey was professionally conducted and report was very detailed with over 90% of staff affirming the report.

Omobola Adepegba

Pearlgates Professional Solutions - Lead Consultant

We are very pleased with the services rendered by Multifocal Limited.  The major benefits lie in the simplicity, practicality and accuracy of the solutions proffered for managing our staff and clients.
Multifocal Limited epitomized professionalism and confidentiality in handling our issues and we trust their judgment. With Multifocal, time is of the essence for every service while not sacrificing excellence and all the relevant tiny details. 


We look forward to a continued relationship with the company.


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