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We offer the following services, not in a one size fits all manner, but we customize to the specific needs of your organization:

External HR

This is our flagship service where we manage your day-to-day HR Department on your behalf (Direct or Outsourced) so as to leave you enough time to focus on the core of your business while ensuring stellar performance of human resources










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HR Systems Development

We help you to develop HR systems, structures, policies etc. for your business in order to achieve your organization’s objectives. This usually follows an HR diagnostic Audit to determine existing procedures and polities in place so as to highlight the necessary HR intervention that is required by your organization. This includes: Employee Handbook, automation of HR Management System, Performance Management, Job Description, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Induction System, Compensation and Benefits Management, Training Needs Analysis (TNA)/Training Plan Development etc.

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HR Audit

We offer a diagnostic audit to determine existing procedures and policies as it affects recruitment, payroll compensation, benefits, recruitment and selection, organization culture, training, termination, attrition rate, legal compliance etc.






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Ideas Generation to Business Plan

Whether you are an employee thinking of transiting into business or already an entrepreneur, we help you to streamline your business ideas and turn them into bankable business plans that you can operate successfully.




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We handle Recruitment and Selection, Executive Search, Head Hunting etc.  This includes creating of job descriptions, advert placements, pre-screening, conducting interviews and final recommendations.





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Other Services

Advisory, Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Training Programmes, Outsourcing (non-HR positions), Retreats (Teambuilding & Brainstorming Sessions), Change Management, Administrative Solutions, Corporate Culture Audit and Management, HR Surveys and Analytics, Mystery Shopping, Customer Satisfaction Survey (outsourced) so as to give you enough time to focus on the core of your business while ensuring stellar performance of human resources.


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