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We seek to provide HR/ Business Solutions for Small to Medium scale organizations in Nigeria

At Multifocal Limited, we seek to provide HR/business solutions for small to medium scale organizations in Nigeria.  This will enable these organizations to achieve and exceed their set objectives and guarantee longevity by ensuring the best use of human and other resources while also ensuring that the necessary systems are put in place.


Our business is borne out of deep passion for the use of available Human Resources to achieve organizations’ objectives and a desire to see to the improvement of the performances/survival of SMEs for decades in Nigeria.


We are your best choice for HR/Business solutions for the reasons below:


  • Value for money - the value to be derived by your organization outweigh our fees.

  • Collaboration/Customization - we will work to fully understand every aspect of your business in order to add value to you from a knowledge point of view while ensuring that your objectives are achieved. We will treat your business individually, customize solutions to you and not use a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

  • We will help you to improve your bottom line by improving individual employee’s performance on the job.

  • We will help you to plan to be around for the long haul by putting structures that ensures longevity of companies in place.

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